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Invest 1 BTC to Enter

the Sweepstake

Sweepstake will run

Every 12 Hour

Get a chance to win

1 BTC to 2.5 BTC

Sweepstake Pot
How to Enter
Invest a Minimum of 1 bitcoin
more to entre the contest
Add Bitcoins to it
Create a wallet
Last Round Winner
Prize Money Email Mobile
2.5 BTC [email protected] 85858035XX
1.5 BTC [email protected] 98031261XX
1 BTC [email protected] 81300968XX
Last Round Winner
Prize Money Email Mobile
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Terms and Conditions
  1. To participate in sweepstake user have to do minimum 1 BTC FD in CoinBank.
  2. The sweepstake will run every 12 hours and only when sweepstake pot is 100% i.e atleast 100 FDs are made. If pot is not full then the sweepstake will move to next cycle of 12 hours.
  3. Each sweepstake will have 3 winners, chosen completely random:
    1. First Winner: 2.5 BTC
    2. Second Winner: 1.5 BTC
    3. Third Winner: 1 BTC
  4. For Each bitcoin in FD you will get a virtual ticket and your chances increase of winning sweepstake depending on how many number of BTC FD you have done.
  5. The Winning Amount will be transferred in your wallet in maximum 2-7 Days.
  6. For any queries please contact us on [email protected]