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    Gangster (Hindi: गैंग्स्टर) is a 2006 Hindi wrongdoing thriller film that debuted on 28 April. Simran (Kangna Ranaut) suffocates her wretchedness in firewater. Her one companion in Seoul is Aakash (Emraan Hashmi), an artist in an Indian restaurant. Initially a bar lover of the dance floor in Mumbai, India, Simran is the lady friend of an infamous hoodlum, Daya (Shiney Ahuja). Five years prior, Daya’s manager Khan (Gulshan Grover) requested him to surrender Simran. At the point when Khan undermined Simran, Daya turned on him and Khan cut Daya detached from his group. She and Daya were compelled to escape to Seoul. They took a little kid named Bittu with them. After an experience with the Mumbai police, Bittu was slaughtered, creating a strain in the couple’s relationship and pushing Simran to liquor abuse. Allowing Simran to sit unbothered in Seoul, Daya went to work in Mauritius and after that Dubai.Aakash tells Simran that he tends to her notwithstanding her past, and their relationship steadily creates from companionship to love. Daya, who is still in Dubai, all of a sudden comes to Seoul. When he learns of Simran’s undertaking with Aakash, he assaults and extremely beats him in an attack of fierceness and desire. Daya then declares his adoration for her and guarantees to change and satisfy her fantasies of an ordinary life; he likewise lets her know that on the off chance that she positively cherishes Aakash he won’t keep her down. Before Simran can react, the police land in quest for Daya and Simra. You may also like The GodFather Movie.

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            • Movie Name :      Gangster (2006)
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Gangster 2006 Movie Full HD 720p Free Download


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